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Streamline below, Glider Albatross above, GMC, FMC, Silver Streak, and more! Welcome to my website. Enjoy the Vintage trailers / motor homes as I do! Have a look at Streamline and other vintage trailers! New Hinges and Lenses below!

After World War II, jobs and housing spawned trailers and motor homes now vanishing from that post-war need. Men built companies and crafted what they had learned to build. Constructed like the aircraft they made, these vintage coaches are now relics outlasting the generation that made them. All but one brand-maker are gone. Now Orphans, only a few remain nearly a mirage of a moment in time.
This site hopes to contribute to the preservation of Vintage Trailers and Motor Homes of the post war era, and the fine people of America who crafted them. Silver Streak new hinge below! Links below!
The new Silver Streak hinge above is finished! Supply is limited!
Contact me if you want hinges! Click on above picture! See details at New Hinge Manufacture and New Hinge Pictures, where to order, price, and Free Installation Kit
Bargman 99 style NEW LENS below. Lexan-type, UV, Impact, Color, All Superior newest materials with Super Reflectivity!

Please go to for Streamline and Silver Streak as I build this site or email

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